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Lou's Produce

Lou's Produce is a collective family project headed by daughter of the owners; Chelsea "Lou" Putnam. Organically grown heirloom varieties of fruits, veggies, & herbs are nurtured and hand harvested on site at Trinity Gardens. When in season, a fruit stand and u-pick options will be available at our location 20530 Road 5 SW, Quincy, WA 98848.


Lou's Ideals

You are what you eat (or lack of what you eat). 

Have a head ache? Chronic joint pain? Acid Reflux? We are highly influenced to take pills for that quick fix. Then the resulting side effects lead to needing yet even more Pharmaceutical. There is a prominent lack in understanding of what we are consuming on an everyday basis. If only we were influenced in a more mindful and healthy direction, our quality of life would greatly improve. Instead of going to pain relief pills right away, first eat an apple and drink a big glass of water for your headache. If joints are inflamed and chronic pain hinders your quality of life, try a long term lifestyle adjustment, cut out inflammitory foods like gluten, corn products, saturated fats, and sugar. Replace them with fish, nuts, legumes, and olive oil. Instead of gulping down acid reducing pills, try a non caffeinated herbal tea with fennel in it (fennel helps reduce acid reflux and nausea). 


These examples are just the tip of a massive and elusive ice burg. Too many of us are so highly controlled by instant gratification that 9 out of 10 times we choose the convenience of drive through burgers and fries over fresh and natural food choices. Now to step off my soap box because I can get quite controversial and political about our food industry. I am very passionate about bringing wholesome food to my family and community. It is my goal to educate as many people as I can on the healthful and therapeutic qualities (or lack there of) in the food items available to us. Subscribe to our emails for Lou's Ideals in blog form!