Grosso Variety 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil

Grosso Variety 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil

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Grosso Variety: more earthy scent, less floral


100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil that we distill ourselves from the lavender we grow ourselves on our farm right in our backyard in Quincy, WA.

The pure lavender oil that we render has different aroma levels and varying effects on the palate. 

Super: more earthy scent, less floral.

Use lavender essential oil mixed in a carrier oil like coconut oil and rub on topically for bug repellent, relaxation, sleep aid, anxiety issues, depression, etc. Put a couple drops in a hot bath and soak before bed or add to diffuser to freshen up any room! Lavender is also known as a very effective and chemical free disinfectant! 

Be aware, this essential oil is a "hot oil" and when used in such a condensed form it will sting sensitive skin. Our recommendation is to add to carrier oils to use topically and do not over use in bath. Highly recommended not to consume for exact reasons: "hot oil". This product is 100% pure lavender oil so you may consume at own discretion. We use 1 drop per 1 gallon water when consuming in the form of tea or flavored water. We highly recommend using our lavender hydrosol (lavender infused distilled water) if interested in making beverages with lavender.